Winds of Change

Date:                           November 3, 2010


Location:                    North Collins, NY




            The winter adventure of the Rob and Connie show has started and is progressing in quite a decent fashion.  Our home is in the hospital getting some minor surgery; we are totally off our planned schedule; and we are imposing on our kids.  Things are going pretty well in our life.


            We had planned to take our motorhome to our dealer for some planed minor repairs.  I had even called them nearly 2 months early to insure that they would, indeed, be ready to fix some simple things on our home as we started on our long winter journey.  This all seemed vey simple to my addled brain.  Plan ahead, prepare for the future needs and charge us a lot of money for doing some simple repairs and this is all that Wilkin’s RV had to do to keep us happy.  Well, again and for the umpteenth time, they failed on almost every level.  The service department called us less then a week prior to our scheduled appointment to let us know that we might have to wait until December to complete our repair visit.  They did not seem to understand that winter is quickly approaching and Connie and I are trying to avoid as much of that experiences as possible.  To make a boring, long, frustrating story short the final result is; Shelanskey zero and Wilkin’s, again, totally incapable of understanding the “service” part of “Service Department.”  I called them the morning of my appointment to let them know I was not coming.  Is that early enough for proper customer relations?


            We are now getting our RV fixed at a very accomidating Cummin’s dealer in Buffalo.  The repairs will be accomplished, we hope, long before Santa Claus appears and at a much less lofty charge.  Maybe we did score a point or two.  While our RV is waiting in the diesel hospital we are enjoying some time with our family and sharing the experience of North Collins volleyball team’s competition in the New York State sectionals.  We are learning that if life is not perfect it is our responsibility to find the good and enjoy it.


            Our departure from the Newburgh KOA was a bitter sweet moment.  Our summer was over and it was most definitely time for us to head our home toward the south.  A deep frost was on the pumpkin, in reality, and a major case of hitch itch had infected both of us.  Connie and I had enjoyed some of our time at the front desk and we had found some of the time less enjoyable.  We did find our free time in the area of the Hudson Valley to be most enjoyable.  Being located half way between or family in Buffalo and our family in Boston is a major reason that we now find ourselves scheduled to return to Newburgh next spring.  As we gave and received our hugs of good bye we felt a sense of accomplishment and a void filling our souls.  We would no longer have rolls of quarters raining down on us, nor would we suffer the winds of ill gotten breeze blowing up our recently ripped trousers and yet we were going to miss all of this.  Next summer was on the horizon filled with anticipation and yet we still felt a void as this summer’s fun and experiences fell into our bank of memories. 


            Autumn is a metaphorical symbol of time passing.  One era heads into a deep sleep of winter relaxation with the promises of new life when the buds of spring appear portending the new life of spring and summer.  Our life is not heading into a deep winter sleep.  We have a social calendar that is quickly filling with family gatherings in Texas which is to be followed by an active winter in Tucson at a very active resort in the desert.  Once we resurrect our ailing chariot from the diesel hospital and unburden our family we will forge into the future for new adventures and new blogs.  Stay tuned.