What time is it?

Date:                           August 30, 2010


Location:                    Plattekill, NY




            Time is a strange thing.  It is the one element of our lives that is so very minutely measured and yet we have no innate ability to relate to it on a consistent manner.  We remember when our children were tiny and warm bundles of love, and we remember when they entered into the wonderful years of their terrible twos.  It seems as if it was just a few days ago we were getting up at 2:00 in the morning to feed their little screaming bodies and yet we realize that it is really the day that our baby child is going to take their baby child to the motor vehicle department to take a driver’s license test.  Time is a strange beast.


            It seems like just yesterday I was complaining how the month of July was the longest month ever placed on the calendar.  The month of July just seemed to take seven or eight weeks to complete.  As long as the month July seemed the month of August seem to not exist.  When did the whole month between the end of July and the beginning of September take place?  I kind of remember writing the month of August on my blog, but how can it possibly be the end of this year’s summer already.  In a few days the Labor Day weekend will be over and the official end of summer will have passed.  Time is a fickle mistress, always there but never under your control.


            As frustrating as the concept of time past is to understand the ability of predicting the time future is almost impossible.  Planning has never been one of my personal strengths and I am living up to my reputation.  We have friends that are planning their lives well into the year 2012 and Connie and I have yet to decide which way to point our home when we leave this position in Newburgh.  There is an adventuresome spirit to having an open future before you.  There is also a bit of frustration as you really do not know what to plan for or what it is that you will be doing in the coming days.  It is not because we do not have options; it is because we do not know what we want to be when we grow up.   Do we want to work this winter and keep ourselves busy or do we want to spoil ourselves and spend the winter lounging on the beach someplace in Florida?  Both options have there arguable benefits and then there is the option of just traveling and seeing a little more of this country.  All of the options seem good; we just have to decide which one seems best for us.  Life is so demanding.  We actually have to make a decision now and again.


            Time will tell as the day when we must make a decision approaches.  It is that inability to control time that scares me.  Will the remaining time here at Newburgh be another July and linger on for endless days or will I have to make my mind up tomorrow?  I am sure an option will rise from the cobwebs of my mind and a life direction will present itself.  We may be on the west coast, we may be on the east coast or we may be someplace in the south-west.  This is a big country and there are so many places and options.  I guess that is a good thing most of the time.  I will grow up and decide what it is I want to be and where it is I want to enjoy my winter.  I will make that decision when the time comes.


            I will make that decision when the time comes, but I am not sure I have a proper watch.  Is it tick – tock I hear from the clock? Or is it a whirring sound coming from my time piece as it races on to the future?  The adventure of life is enjoying the living of it.  John Lennon said it best when he told us to be careful, because “Life is what happens while you are making other plans.”  I guess I will spend some time attempting to live my life for a while and let the “other plans” happen as they will.