Rain, Rain 8/8/10

Date:                           August 8, 2010          


Location:                    Plattekill, NY




            Into each life a little rain of normalcy must fall and our life has been in a constant shower.  Yes, our life is just normal and not the fodder of interesting blogs.  I may be a bit optimistic to assume that my blog is ever interesting to anyone other than myself.  And that may be the point of my beginning.  My life is not all that interesting to me of late.  Yesterday we went to the store for bread and milk and deposited our meager paychecks at our bank.  Even I can’t dig a point of contention or controversy out of that mundane excitement.  But, we had to both of those tasks and yesterday was as good a time to accomplish it as any.


            As I sit here trying to stretch this nothing into a blog length dissertation I am watching the Sunday morning news and, boy could I go off on a political tangent that might fill this page and a few more.  The heat news of the day seems to be about immigration and same sex marriage.  Both topics are political positions on which I could postulate and pontificate for hours.  I could, but I won’t.  I will bet all most everyone is happy about that decision.  I can almost guarantee that I would tweak and irritate just about everyone that bothered to read my full prized opinion on ether topic. I am not sure that even y wife would fully agree with me, but then we all should have our own opinions even if mine is the right one.


            Instead of raising my blood pressure and stirring your anger I will sit back and enjoy the rain of normalcy that is pouring into my life.  I will finish my coffee, try to complete this long diatribe of nothing, and prepare to go to work.  None of the afore mentioned events are terribly interesting or exciting to either my readers or myself. They are just real and, should I say, normal.  Some days you fight the good fight and life is exciting, and some days it is just a day.  Some days the sun shines and some days it just rains a bit. I think both are necessary for life to grow and an even balance to our existence.


            By the way, I support constitutional rights, the offering of opportunities to everyone, and the rule of law apposed to the leadership of hate, fear and bigotry.  See, I could not hold back my opinion after all.


            The sun is shinning, by blog is boring and I must go on with my life.  Metaphorically, a little rain of normalcy and boredom is pouring on my life.  I will, again, face a myriad of customers that have no idea what camping is as I man the registration desk at a campground.  I will, again, try to ignore as much of the news as I can in order to keep my blood pressure near normal.  And, I will walk in the rain of my normalcy as I live through my day.  I will, also, look for a dictionary just incase I am hinting at a search for sympathy. 


            Rain, rain go away bring excitement on another day.  If I can not find the sunshine of excitement maybe I should look for an umbrella.