My blog I'm Back Again 7/15/10

Date:                           July 15, 2010


Location:                    Plattekill, NY




            Every six months or so my common sense and feelings of self pity are over come by a major need to bloviate and pontificate my, personally, highly valued opinions and ideas.  I get an over whelming urge to write my blog again.  I realize that my sojourns into self pity and self flagellation cause me to retreat into a cocoon of silence when I felt that my treasured meanderings on the virtual paper were going unread and under enjoyed, and yet here I am again fingers tapping and words appearing on this virtual realm of communication.  I happened on to an old posting of my past blog and the desire to report my life, to anyone, overcame my common sense, once again.  If no one else choose to read this, so be it.  In six months or so I may stumble on to this posting and I will enjoy revisiting my mind, as if it were for the first time, again.  Can anyone spell Alzheimer’s?


            Connie and I are parked at a very nice KOA just north of New York City.  Well 70  miles north, but close enough to experience the arrogance and pushiness of the New York persona.  I guess that if I lived in a city of eight million people that were six minutes late to supper and I was late for a meeting I would have to be pushy and arrogant also. They have been doing it for a lot longer then I have and they are a lot better at it then I will ever be, I hope.  The New York attitude is not a bad attitude it is just a New York attitude and one that you have to learn to deal with or get out or the way.  We are still in the education stages of being a New Yorker.  I am not sure I will ever want to graduate to the level of being a New Yorker.  Some things can be happily enjoyed form afar. I hope seventy miles if far enough.


            We are spending our summer here as the night supervisory team at the Newburgh/New York City North KOA.  We did  not plan on being the night supervisors, but a simple nod of the head or a stupid, “I guess I could do that.”  seems to have cloaked us in that garb.  I am not sure exactly when we went from a simple clog in the wheel of work kampers that want a place to spend the summer to part of the management team, at a very minor level, but it happen and I think we will do a pretty decent job. It pretty much simply means we lock the door and put out the cat at night.  I think we can handle that.  We do not want any more responsibility and I think we can make sure we do not take on any more than is absolutely necessary.


            Most of the time our job is checking in vacationers and week end celebrators as they venture into the world of camping, some for the very first time.  Being this close to the Big Apple gives us a chance to meet a lot of international visitors and of course the flood of city workers and dwellers that are looking for an escape form the lives they have chosen to live.  Our campground offers real camping, actually in the woods with little furry creatures running around and stealing your peanuts and eating holes in your garbage bags.  We have real mosquitoes, and poison ivy along with a very beautiful setting in the mid-Hudson valley.  This KOA is attempting to be a family resort destination park, and on many levels is doing a great job.  Nothing is perfect and nothing will ever be perfect.  Loosely translated, that means some days I am frustrated and some days I am quite satisfied to be right where I am. 


            As the rest of the summer progresses I am sure I will have many opinions on which I will find myself compelled to pontificate and on which I will feel obligated to expound.  Some of these rantings may be of interest to others and some will be simple streams of letters that magically appear on a PC screen if someone should accidently stumble upon my blog.  I can only hope that in six months or seven years when I decide to reread these mindful meanderings that I can again revisit the moment and recapture the emotion that existed at that time.  If you enjoy these blogs, so be it.  If I enjoy them maybe I will not have totally wasted an hour or so each morning formulating those long streams of letters that may mean little to everyone except for an old man, parked in some campground, located in who knows where USA.


            This is day one of the twenty-third time I have promised myself I would do this on a daily basis.  I am sure I will not be consistent, nor overly prolific.  I am sure I may irritate some on some days, hopefully make a few people smile on others and maybe even record a memory or two that I, personally, will treasure as I revisit my life at some point in time in the future.  Whatever may come of by new writing adventure, the journey begins anew.