If I had nothing to say 7/24/10

Date:                           July 24, 2010


Location:                    Plattekill, NY




            Blogs are an interesting adventure, as many may have had the opportunity to experience at my little site.  Some times they reflect the time and happenings of the writer as he faces each day and some times it is a pontification of opinions that the blogger feels need to be shard with the world and then some times it is just a meandering trip through the thoughts of some one that should have better things to do with his or her time.  I am not sure which today’s blog is, but it is today’s blog.


            Yesterday I had a pin in my cushion and I felt compelled to voice my discomfort.  Few if any have read it and even fewer if any will be swayed by my pontification.  And yet, somehow, I feel better about having written whatever it was I was trying to write.  I still believe that self responsibility is a lacking talent in most people today.  I have also, now, had some of my weak points noted and highlighted by my lovely wife  It seems she actually reads this drivel and tends to remind me of my minor imperfections at times.  Reality always is a hard bed in which to rest.


            I am not going to fix the world today or any time soon and I am not going to correct all of the imperfections I see by simply opining in one or two blogs.  I am still trying to find the path to enlightenment in my own life.  I am not ready to point the way for others just yet.  All though I do tend to stand atop my virtual soap box at times.


            I started to compile all of my past writings into one place this morning and I found that I have spent a lot of time over the last ten years or so trying to capture my daily thoughts on paper, or the modern day equivalent.  I have used many different means in which to attempt to accomplish this shore and in doing so have filled what would be well over eighteen hundred sheets of paper.  I am sure a lot of it is worthless or maybe even of less value, but some of it may actually be worth revisiting.  In the last ten years Connie and I have been a lot of places and done a lot of things and some of those memories are saved in word form on my pc and I might manage to read them some day. 


            There are some very large gaps in my time line of personal history.  I am sure that at the time I felt that was excusable.  But, today as I was compiling my myriad of thoughts I felt that I might feel empty when I come to those long lapses in daily reporting’s.  I might also welcome the rest and pause in constant drivel. 


            I began my reading with the winter of 2000.  It was our first sojourn after Connie and I retired and we headed to Florida and a winter near Disney Land.  Our family came to visit and we spent some time camped in Fort Wilderness.  I sadly did not recount all of our adventures of that winter, but the quick trip back down memory lane did fire a few synapse of my aged brain and at some level I was able to almost relive the experience.  My granddaughter is no longer 4, my grandson is touring colleges preparing to make one of the biggest decision of his young life and my son is now a father in his own right with his own son and daughter.  Many things have changed, even me I suppose.  And yet for a brief time, I was transported back to a moment a decade ago when my bones did not hurt so much and life as a journal keeper was just beginning.  For a moment I, again, remembered why I write these things each day or some days.  It is to log my life as it is right now, so that I may be reminded at a time in the future what is was I was thinking on a particular day, at a particular time, in a particular place on this earth.


            Sometimes I do pontificate, or bloviate or just ramble on to no where.  And, yes, today may be one of those times.  But after feeling the want left in my mind as I saw the large holes in my blog schedule I felt it necessary to make an effort to record my thought today as weak as they may be.  Maybe in ten years I will wonder what it was I was doing in July in the year 2010.  Maybe I will care and then maybe I will  not, but now I have the choice. 


            Blogs are an interesting thing.  Maybe if not in content than at least in concept.